MAZZ AB! - Vollbart nachgefragt

MAZZ AB! - Vollbart nachgefragt

Kasra Rahmanian about the protest in Iran

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Iran is witnessing the strongest protests in 40 years, led by women. Anger at the regime cuts across society - and many people are willing to risk everything, even their lives, for their freedom. The trigger was the death of Mahsa Amini on September 16. The 22-year-old Kurdish woman died under as yet unexplained circumstances at a police station in Tehran after being arrested by the morality police. The reason: an apparently slipped headscarf. What has happened since then? Women burn their headscarves Students show themselves with their hair cut off and schoolgirls give Iran's head of state the middle finger. The Internet is full of photos and videos showing young Iranian women at the forefront of the current protests. But why is the Western media silent? You can do two things, go to this important Demo at the Siegessäule in Berlin this coming Saturday, tomorrow and listen to this episode. I have decided to step back from my typical MAZZ AB concept this week and leave my platform to someone who knows exactly what is going on. I'm going to let speak Kasra Rahmanian, an Iranian-born Berlin-based queer artist and curator.

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